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This blog is about me and my voyage to becoming a mummy. Ironically called “mummy in the baking” as together with my passion and obsession for all things cake related, I will never be able to have my own "bun in the oven." Years of fertility treatment have taken their toll and I now find myself on a new..eek, i hate this word...journey! The crazy train to adoption. I hope you will join me while I bake my way to becoming a mummy. I want this blog to be a source of information as well as a comforter. I hope it will inspire and help anyone who is considering adoption or who has in fact already bought their ticket for this..here I go again...journey. Cake makes me happy and I hope you will enjoy sharing my love of it. I want it to help lift your spirits and hearts through what can only be described as 'the trials and tribulations of the adoption process.' Along with my desire to be a family, I love my dogs, have an unhealthy love of sausages and chenin blanc, adore my land rover uber-nerd of a husband and continiously dream of balmy summer evenings. Baking in progress…..

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Notes from the deep end...

Here's a scenario. Let's go swimming. Let's go somewhere we have never been before doing something we haven't done for years. Throw in a screaming distressed toddler and you get the picture. We made it to the pools with minimum stress (ok..ok... let's not talk about the Saturday morning Xmas shopping parking issues and the machine continuously spitting out all our parking money until I managed to flutter my eyelashes at an attendant to help this mummy in distress) At the entrance to the pools, the Fairy Godmother hands us a bag and says, " See you in there." They disappear off with their other little one before we have a chance to say anything. LRUN and I stand and stare at each other. We look into the bag and both say,  "So now what?" This is too funny. Literally the blind leading the blind. We have no idea! We watch the other families and realise there are things called "family cubicles." The word family is by far an exaggeration unless your family consists of 2 hedgehogs! It's a squeeze and as we close the door, LBM kicks off big time. He is not happy. He has clocked the Fairy Godmother is no longer here and he is locked in small, stuffy, extremely warm room with a couple of weirdos who appear to be getting naked. We look in the bag and find something which I can only hope is the 'swimming nappy.' We magically get this on (the right way round? I am still not sure!) and look back into the abyss of the bag. We find the cutest set of trunks which discretely cover his chubby thighs. Sorted. However, throughout all of this, LBM is screaming so loud, I fear social services can hear him and are already on their way. We manage to somehow figure out their locker system and get him into the pool as quick as possible. He is still not happy. He clocks the re-appearance of the Fairy Godmother and calms down a smidgen. Enough to mildly enjoy a half hour of swimming before the entire process kicks off into repeat as we leave. I hand him my car keys half way through this serious melt down and he instantly calms down. Result. Piece of cake!

We return after his nap and the afternoon is a much calmer affair. The Fairy Godmother suggests we all go out for a meal and this goes surprisingly well. I have a real mummy moment when I am left to order his meal. The best I can find on the menu is sausages, potatoes and peas which he instantly hoovers. (although we did find 2 peas in his nappy later?) He starts to play up and tries to continuously throw his cup on the floor. I step in and stand firm and say No. I am very aware of the Fairy Godmother's eyes on me. Is this appropriate? Can I step in and apply discipline, when technically she is still in charge?  Who cares because it slowly starts to work, he gazes into my eyes, taking in every word and eventually...stops doing it.

Bedtime is a breeze. LRUN is getting good at this. Well, there's only one small melt-down when mummy and daddy struggled to get your one-sie on properly and daddy referred to your hands as 'paws'.  LBM is knackered. Sleep tight my little one, tomorrow is going to be a stonker. You are coming to your new home for the first time. Now, that's gonna be a learning curve.


  1. Love reading all about your adventures with LBM.....hope all goes well toay and that he loves his new home...Mummy and Daddy you're doing a great job xx enjoy!! Xx

  2. Love Curly Wurly x