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This blog is about me and my voyage to becoming a mummy. Ironically called “mummy in the baking” as together with my passion and obsession for all things cake related, I will never be able to have my own "bun in the oven." Years of fertility treatment have taken their toll and I now find myself on a new..eek, i hate this word...journey! The crazy train to adoption. I hope you will join me while I bake my way to becoming a mummy. I want this blog to be a source of information as well as a comforter. I hope it will inspire and help anyone who is considering adoption or who has in fact already bought their ticket for this..here I go again...journey. Cake makes me happy and I hope you will enjoy sharing my love of it. I want it to help lift your spirits and hearts through what can only be described as 'the trials and tribulations of the adoption process.' Along with my desire to be a family, I love my dogs, have an unhealthy love of sausages and chenin blanc, adore my land rover uber-nerd of a husband and continiously dream of balmy summer evenings. Baking in progress…..

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Still here...still angry

We take the weekend to cool off. Process some thoughts. Work through the emotions. It's LRUN who suggests it first. He says if I want to send an email to Miss Delia re-iterating our opinion and expressing our concerns on how the situation was handled, he would back me up. I sit down to draft an email on Monday morning while LBM is chilling out with his blankie. I find the words flow effortlessly and within minutes, I have finished and clicked send. I feel a huge amount better for it. I know it won't change their mind but at least we can show it to LBM one day to say, we really did try. Before the end of the day, we receive a reply. Sadly, it feels like one of those standard, 'reply to a complaints' email. She is here next week for a review meeting for LBM and says we can talk a bit more about it then. But I sense the case is already closed. LRUN drafts his own email and I tell you,  it's drop dead dynamite stuff. Powerful yet professional. He receives an instant reply. Sadly, it's an out of office reply. So here we sit. A little numb, a little lost.

LBM has a scheduled developmental test this week and the health visitor finally arrives an hour late (!)  I fear things are about to go 'Pete Tong' as  we are almost at supper time but LBM impresses us all and is a delight. As expected, his results come out as below average on the walking, talking and gross motor skill range and he is being referred. I know a lot of this delay has to do with his anxiety. I've done some research into a link between anxiety in toddlers and a lack of omega 3. You see, LBM loves a bit of salmon but his twice weekly hit of the royal fish is nowhere near the level of omega 3 he was getting in the formula fix at the foster carers. So I have started adding fish oils to his milk. Now, it claims to be tasteless but I can honestly say there is a hint of anchovy in the air. So as plan B, I have started adding it to his yoghurt. With the exception of today, where it honestly felt like he was the devils child, I can fairly say, he seems a teeny bit less anxious. And it might just be a leap in his development but he seems to be mastering an awful lot more.


  1. He might tolerate flax seed oil as a source of omega 3 better?

  2. I think fish oil is the richer source if he will tolerate it. Nutri Ltd supply some for children that I think is flavoured with lemon. Look up Eskimo fish oils for this x