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This blog is about me and my voyage to becoming a mummy. Ironically called “mummy in the baking” as together with my passion and obsession for all things cake related, I will never be able to have my own "bun in the oven." Years of fertility treatment have taken their toll and I now find myself on a new..eek, i hate this word...journey! The crazy train to adoption. I hope you will join me while I bake my way to becoming a mummy. I want this blog to be a source of information as well as a comforter. I hope it will inspire and help anyone who is considering adoption or who has in fact already bought their ticket for this..here I go again...journey. Cake makes me happy and I hope you will enjoy sharing my love of it. I want it to help lift your spirits and hearts through what can only be described as 'the trials and tribulations of the adoption process.' Along with my desire to be a family, I love my dogs, have an unhealthy love of sausages and chenin blanc, adore my land rover uber-nerd of a husband and continiously dream of balmy summer evenings. Baking in progress…..

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Mr Grumpy....

So with each new day he gets more and more grumpy. Poor little man, I think it has finally hit him that he is never going back to the Fairy Godmother and Baby Button. And I'm not sure he's happy about that. He seems to be his most cheerful when either eating, bathing or sleeping. Anything else in between is a bit hit and miss. I fear he may have another tooth cutting through. Either that, or he just doesn't like us. But we will persevere. There are happy moments. He finds daddy's burps hilarious. When I pretend to flip pizza dough with his dinner cloth, his giggles fill the house. We sing songs, clap handies and the world is good. But then minutes later, his world appears to have ended. Right now, he is not even sleeping. He is whining to himself in his cot. I go in to check on him and he wants to get out. I gently place him back down, give him his blankie. He goes nuts. So I leave him. And he starts to calm down. Gah! Is this the controlled crying that social services say "we simply do not do, ma'am."

We'd walked around the lake this morning in his buggy to see the ducks, which to be honest, he didn't seem to give two quacks about. Next week, we are going to try some toddler groups. Show him that there are other people in this world other than us and two stressed out dogs. Hopefully this should cheer his soul up. Heck, we may even attempt the swimming debacle again. But then again...maybe not?

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  1. I feel your pain! Starting 7th week with Missy Rainbow and it is still up and down with the emotions!